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Teichenné Ginger Liqueur

Spain |

Beer & Spirits, Liquor, 700 ml
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Degree of alcohol
20 %


This new Spanish liqueur from Teichenné with ginger aims to make consumers discover a new way to consume and prepare new cocktails. This liqueur will delight the most demanding palates while offering a wide possibility to all consumers and professionals. All will find their account. Passing from the simple amateur mixologist to the best cocktail bars. The simplicity, the elegance and the quality of the flavor make it possible for any consumer to taste it without mixing, by adding ice. The possibilities are vast. Here is a liqueur that will satisfy the highest expectations.


Color Pale gold in color, crystalline and shiny. An aromatic and intense nose. Its aroma reminiscent of the characteristic odor of the “terroir” moist soil that goes perfectly with the vegetable aroma of the root of ginger. Its flavor is subtle and silky in the mouth. Rounded, balanced and tasty, it has a good structure and a persistent palate. A spicy finish that will delight ginger lovers.

Cocktails and pairings

The perfect product for Orignal and innovating new cocktails.


China Wine & Spirits Competition 2017 : Gold Medal