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Viche Pitia 1765 Caraway (Cumin)

France |

Beer & Spirits, Vodka, 700 ml
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Maison de la Vodka
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Infused with several types of spices and distilled in copper stills.


An early hit, marked by notes of anise. Cumin aromas are strong but elegant. The originality of the nose is reflected in its rye bread flavours. In the mouth this vodka is firm and smooth. After a stimulating start, the taste of cumin softens in the mouth to offer a touch of freshness and harmony.
The long and spicy finish enhances the pleasure with a purifying flavour at the end.A silky while elegant Vodka.

Cocktails and pairings

This vodka is ideal with a variety of dishes. It blends beautifully with caviar and is also an ideal companion for grilled meats. It offers an experience of exquisite and surprising taste.


  • Gold Medal – World Vodka Award 2015