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Viña Tacama

THE OLDEST VINEYARD IN SOUTH AMERICA. In the 1540s, Francisco de Carabantes created the Tacama vineyard, which is the oldest in Peru.Tacama is known for its wines, sparkling wines and piscos Tacama is special because of its history: it is one of the oldest vineyards in America, even today it is irrigated by a canal built in the 15th century by the Inca Pachacutec – known as Achirana del Inca – which has been immortalized by Ricardo Palma as one of its wonderful traditions: the hundred-year-old Huarango wine press, with which the juice of the grapes has been extracted to produce wines, piscos and sparkling wines in the region is visible in the Tacama Winery, Viña Tacama is also special because of its location in the upper Ica Valley, where the vineyard serves as an observation point from which one can see nature in loss of view, where a sea of ​​vines dies at the foot of the mountains of the Andes and which, in Tacama, become smaller and smaller until they turn into sand dunes and finally into desert.