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Champagne Gremillet


It was only in 1979 that my father decided to create his own Champagne. His first endeavour was in the export market and more particularly with the diplomatic network.  No more than fifty embassies and consulates around the world select Gremillet for their prestigious receptions. My father’s dream is now a reality: my brother Jean-Christophe and I have joined the company with our respective spouses, Karine and Stephane. We are incredibly proud of what has been accomplished and are working hard together to continue the success of this venture. Anne Gremillet


“Al andar se hace camino” (Walker, you make the path as you go) Machado. This  is our philosophy expressed on our metal cap . A distinctive sign of our champagnes,  it is an ascending motif that represents the path of life. This open and optimistic design perfectly expresses the values of our company.


From one year to the next, we never rest on our laurels. From our vines to your glass, we constantly strive to go farther, to do better, to be able to reveal to you the typicality and identity of our terroir.


With the love of the terroir, with respect for the Champagne method, with will-power and passion, we are in and are Champagne, we are infinitely Champagne!