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Azienda Vinicola Fratelli Fabiano SPA

Producers of Veronese wines since 1912.

The value of the name FABIANO, producers of Veronese wines since 1912, is the focus point on which a great effort is being made to enhance the company’s image as well as the people who work for it. Integrating an image of professionalism through good service, efficiency and producing high-quality wines are all aspects, which subsequently place its brand among the most significant ones on the market.

This strategy means a daily involvement in the vineyards and cellars where our technicians skillfully work to obtain the best results. These professionals enable us to make each and every one of our wines a quality product as can be seen by their growing success in markets worldwide: I fondatori, Negrano, Rugola and Argillaia – to mention a few – are fine examples.

The FABIANO family, proud of its own name, has thus united into one group all those who share in its programmes and ambitions, from the vine-dressers to company collaborators, to sale agents, to distributors and, in some way, even loyal consumers who appreciate its products and take pride in belonging to a serious and hard-working team: a group of people who love their own land, traditions and good wines.