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Compagnie Vidzar

Almost 30 years ago, a visionary man transformed the consumption habits of his compatriots, who settled for with substandard-quality rum that was generally too blended, according to what each person could afford within their means.
Lucien Fohine discovered that the sugar factory on Nosy-Bé island, located off the northwest coast of the Great Island of Madagascar, produces an alcohol with unique, lasting flavors. After investigation, he deduced that this is due to ylang-ylang roots that intertwine with those of the sugar cane, in addition to the aromas from clove trees, pepper plants and vanilla plants, which grow in abundance in the region and whose scents are discernible even after distillation.

He understood that by treating this liquid treasure according to the rules of the trade, he could create a rum worthy of its name, which rivaled the best. He created his company, Vidzar, established it on the island of Nosy-Bé near to the sugar refinery and called his rum Dzama (short for the name of the town Dzamandzar where the base rum is produced). The VIDZAR name comes from a contraction of “Vieux Rhum de Dzamandzar” (Old Rum from Dzamandzar). In northern Madagascar, “Zama” alludes to confidentiality between close friends. So you hold a brother, a confidant within your hands.