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The Santos Project was born in 2010 when the family with the same name begins the reconstruction and revitalization of the family property, in the region of Vila Meã, Amarante, Portugal, right in the center of the Romanesque route and the region of Vinhos Verdes. Wine, a family passion, proved to be the perfect solution for a long-abandoned Terroir. The conditions were created for the development and implementation of a long-term project with the clear objective of producing wines of exceptional quality in the sub-region of Vinhos Verdes, Amarante. In addition to wine production, the Santos project is also an eno-tourism project, still under development, in order to enhance and disseminate all the material and immaterial heritage of the region, namely everything that involves the vineyards. The central point is the Igreja Velha de Real, a national monument, and an integral part of the Romanesque route in Portugal.