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Marques de la Concordia Family of Wines SL

Following the traditional method of champenoise, we harvest and elaborate cavas in our historic winery, the nucleus of a picturesque town that grew up around it, dating from 1882. We give life to our select family of cavas Marqués de la Concordia, to inspire festive moments throughout Spain and the world.

The must is obtained from the fruit of the vine, which after fermentation will be transformed into our wines and cavas. Together with the time of the parents and the work well done, they are essential to obtain the best product.

Our winemakers seek excellence in each of the wines and cavas of the Family of Wines and Cavas of Marqués de la Concordia, contributing their oenological wisdom, their knowledge of the land and their vocation for innovation. Commitment, passion for wine and respect for the environment are the hallmarks of our technical team