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Nahmias et Fils

Nahmias et Fils Distillery Hudson Valley Master Distiller David Nahmias and his wife Dorit hand-craft their award-winning spirits with the finest, natural ingredients. They are proudly the sole producers of Mahia in the United States. A trendy, new, “green” microdistillery, Nahmias et Fils, located in the Yonker’s Yoho Art District near the downtown waterfront, debuts its product line on May 15, 2012. The micro-distillery was founded by Dorit Nahmias, a former foreign exchange trader, and David Nahmias, a computer-software engineer, who comes from a family of micro distillers in Morocco. His parents and grandparents all made Mahia, which is an alcoholic beverage, made entirely from fermented figs, dates, and seasoned only with herbs – generally Anise.