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Purua Organic Dry Gin

Espagne |

Beer & Spirits, Gin, 700 ml
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DestileriasManuel Achais the oldest distillery in Spain. First in Spain and second in Europe to obtain organic certification, in the year 2.008.

The elaboration process of organic Puruagin comes from the best alcohols of organic cereal that exists in the market, triple distilled, very neutral and fine. This alcohol is analysed and, once accepted, it is hydrated. Once hydrated, it is macerated with different botanists in different tanks. The botanists are: Juniper, peeling sweet orange, lavender, mint, …… Each step is controlled by the official entity certifying organic products ENEEK. Subsequently, expecting processtimedepends on the botanist. Distillation is done separately in our copper stills of 1880.

Once the result has been analysed, the formulation is tested in the laboratory. This is an important step since each distillation varies the distillate depending on the quantity of essential oils that the raw material has. Once the formulation is adjusted to the standards of gin Purua, the different distillates are mixed in the proportion established in the test with organic alcohol and water (previously filtered by an osmosis system). Finally it is filtered, analysed and if necessary, it is adjusted again. It is left to rest for a minimum of one week, before bottled it.





All the flavours in this Organic Dry Gin is done on the old dobbelt copper stills, where we get the most exquisite flavours to blend our gin. flavours profil that come across are of course the junniper, coriander seeds, citrus peels and finishes off with camomile and lavender.

Cocktails and pairings

Perfect to make a fantastic Gin Tonic