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A targeted, distinctive brand experience

Because of his European roots, M. Cabral offers an internationally oriented business vision. It translates as much in the variety of products represented than by their quality.

Moreover, we cater a privileged relationship with our producers with whom we work closely in order to better integrate their products into our brand portfolio, as well as ensure the availability of our personnel and the quality of our client services.

A rich marketing culture

Global makes every effort to ensure optimal exposure in every market we invest in.

To do so, the agency develops, adapts and deploys marketing and launch strategies that keep us ahead of the curve and keep our representatives at maximum efficiency.

An innovative promotional approach

At Global, we promote the products in our portfolio with great motivation. We strategically distribute our resources to achieve maximum impact and increase our distribution.

Always on the forefront of innovative promotional trends, our team is consistently ready to make all efforts necessary to help a product make a bigger impact on the market than the competitor’s.

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