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Domaine Jacquiot

The Domaine Jacquiot is located in Plassac between Angouleme and Cognac. It’s a small family-owned producer who makes cognacs and crème de fruits under the name Jahiot.
He grows his own cassis on a Southern exposure hill and it’s truly one of the best cassis we have ever tasted. He puts more fruit in the blend and lets the blend macerate for many months, and the result is a very tart and intense cassis taste (other producers will put less fruit and age for only a few weeks, and the result will be very sweet and syrupy).

Jahiot – The art of Cognac composition as far as Cognac is concerned, we have a range of classic qualities VS, VSOP, XO packed in attractive bottles and decanters. This Cognac is aged in oak barrels and bottled on the Domaine.A strict control on Cognac production, ageing and bottling facilities is a basic company rules to secure and guarantee long term business relationship.