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Ca’ Rome’

CA’ ROME’ was established in 1980 by Romano Marengo, a simple, honest man with a great passion for wine, grapevines and his native land.

This family-run winery is the realization of one his biggest dreams: after spending thirty years working in the wine industry, his dream became a reality he now shares with his children Giuseppe (known as Pino), Paola, and Maria as well as his wife Olimpia.

Romano taught them his methods, passing on his ways of thinking and his main objective: the production of quality wine. Giuseppe continues his father’s efforts, carefully managing every phase of production, beginning with the selection of the grapes from historic vineyards owned by the family and located in Barbaresco and Serralunga d’Alba, the latter having been inherited from grandmother Maria di Brün. Paola manages the sales side with tireless energy and a smile that comes from an innate optimism. The passion with which she transmits the family’s values – quality, honesty, respect for tradition, exploration, and an international air – and the company’s mission is immense.
Olimpia, extraordinarily dynamic, is cultured, practical, and embodies the soul of the family she dedicated most of her life to, which is also reflected in the cellar and the products.