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Parras Wines (Goanvi)

Parras Wines is the project of Luis Vieira, who started the company in 2010. Luis’ involvement in the wine business stretches back much farther, to the age of 5, when he fell into a vat of wine his grandfather made. The company began to establish itself with its own land in the Lisbon Wine Region, more precisely in the parish of Vilar, Cadaval, with an area of two hundred hectares, 120 of which are planted with vines today. So began his lifelong involvement in the wine trade. Today, Parras Wines operates vineyards and wineries on its own and in partnership with local producers from Lisboa, Dão, Douro, Vinho Verde, Tejo, Alentejo, and the Setubal Peninsula. Today, it reflects a field of quality with a growing reputation. A success in the wine field.