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Dzama Cuvée Noire Prestige

Madagascar |

Beer & Spirits, Rum, 750 ml
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Designation of origin
Compagnie Vidzar
Degree of alcohol


Black Luxury Vintage Dzama is the fruit of two distilleries located in northeast Madacascar. This island region has a strong concentration of vanilla plantations and sees little rainfall, which forces sugarcane roots to dive deep into the ground to find water.

This is what brings out the natural vanilla aroma. This rum spends approximately two years in whiskey casks from Scotland to accentuate the vanilla notes and bring out its roundness, balance and softness.


Coppery amber color with subtle notes of vanilla, spices, cardamom and coconut. Its ample and enveloping texture ends in a harmonious and persistent finish.

This tasting rum is best savoured alone or with a few ice cubes, although it also pairs well with some desserts, like iced buns, as well as vanilla and dark chocolate truffles.


  • Silver medal – Concours RumXP de Miami RUM 2012
  • Bronze medal – International Wine and Spirit Competition, Royaume Uni 2011